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  1. skaraosky

    Cerere Helper J0KeR

    Acceptat , astept datele in pm t/c
  2. skaraosky

    Cerere Admin!

    Acceptat ,incepi de la H + Vip , astept datele in pm
  3. skaraosky

    Da.No ? Cerere Admin

    Acceptat t/c , astept datele in pm
  4. skaraosky

    Cerere Admin Thima Tu Divertor

    Acceptat t/c , astept datele in privat
  5. skaraosky

    Cerere slot J0KeR

    Respins , nu ai model de cerere slot t/c
  6. skaraosky

    Cerere unban sunshine

    Respins, m ai luat la misto , "hai sa nu"
  7. skaraosky

    [Cerere unban] - Dumitrw

    astazi ai luat ban?, snk nu mai e in staff!
  8. xSomalezu - la aceelasi grad! SkiLL- la aceelasi grad! TheLearLess- +2 kamikazejet +1 Patent22 - +1 ZuPPer +1 Andreyy +1
  9. skaraosky


    vei primi unban , adminul are remove t/c
  10. skaraosky

    Cerere unban Andreyy

    ok , sper sa nu se mai intample
  11. skaraosky

    Cerere unban Andreyy

    Respins t/c , daca ti dau unban tie intra dinou fractu cu cfg.
  12. skaraosky

    Cerere Unban

    Respins , nu ai dovada si ip ul tau trebuie !
  13. skaraosky

    [Cerere unban] - Dumitrw

    Ai primit unban t/c Adminul are remove!
  14. skaraosky

    Cerere admin coL. # LeGenDa

    Acceptat t/c , astept datele in privat
  15. xCRISTIx0069 +1 sNK -la aceelasi grad xSomalezu +1 -SunT- @ N.O ? <3.cM -la aceelasi grad Mr.Alex - la aceelasi grad kamikazejet -1 ION BAROS -remove Patent22- la aceelasi grad ZuPPer - la aceelasi grad Kaneki Gaby-san -remove