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  1. contra. at least have some hours then come again
  2. pro. hes the most active mod at the moment
  3. *Numele real: Zac *Nick: MaGnEtiC *Varsta: 22 *Cate ore ai? (Link Gametracker): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ *Poti fi activ pe TeamSpeak3? ( Obligatoriu fără el nu are rost să faceți cererea ) : ye *Ai citit regulamentul? Maine *Poti ajuta serverul cu o donatie/gtrs?: maybe *Ai votat serverul?(Click Aici) : ye Donate PubCoins
  4. Yes he just slayed a player just because he killed him
  5. *Numele tau : Zac *Numele de pe Server : MaGnEtiC *Numele adminului reclamat : nr10! *Motivul reclamatiei : he slayed a player just cause he killed him and when the player asked for the reason he just sayed aim lol ? and which he wasnt and even if he was aiming u slay the player ? u can ss or perm ban and im talking as if the player got aim and im pretty sure he wasnt *Dovada "Demo/Screenshot" :https://imgur.com/a/anxrfmR *Alte specificatii : im aware that this admin got already a reclamati but he just dont understand how an admin of a server works i guess
  6. @sead make another topic to apply for an admin request but not in my topic and u just copied my request i bet u didnt even read the rules lol
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