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  1. After the uninstall It wasn't working....but deleting config.cfg did the job. Thanks mate. CHeers!
  2. Nick: -HRO Date: 05.01:2019 Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:1690096847 Admin: ? Can't remember IP: Map: fy_snow Server: DM Comment: Hello, Guys, I'm a retired Cs 1.6 player. I'm from North Macedonia. I'm 28 yrs old. I'm also a Steam Player and I play only DM for fun. I'm also playing without headphones (mp3 mode) . I found your forum after some Google researches. I don't know what happened. One of the admins I guess...has transferred me to the spectator list. Then I asked what's the point.... He said wargods.... Then I was kicked out of the server. My CD-ROM was opened and I was running my cs 1.6 at 4 fps. Then I couldn't connect to any server. I got stucked (Connection to server timed out). Something ruined my cs 1.6. After some unsuccessful tries....I Reinstalled my cs 1.6 on Steam and it was all the same again. Laggy and useless. I really don't know what happened. After some time....I restored my cs 1.6 fps via the console commands (fpsmax 100 and cl_timeout 99999) and the fps seems fine now. Now the game is totally unplayable so please provide me any solution at least how to fix my game. I'm crawling and I can't move fast. I'm here to say that I'm not a cheater...and I'm not using any hacks. I'm a Steam Player. So please be careful next time. I don't know if this was some sort of ban or something....but be aware of the players that are connected to the servers through Steam. Thanks and sorry for the spam. Greetings!

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