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  1. 20 Years Teamspeak Badge Code: thankyou20 Celebrating 20 Years of Teamspeak
  2. Pride Badge. Code: PrideBadge Never be afraid to show your colours.
  3. April Fools. Code: EMDELOOFST Roses are red, gaming is fun, you are carrying too much to be able to run.
  4. Pentru inceput o sa ai acces la ban maxim 1 luna. Ai grija cum te folosesti de grad si sa faci demo. Te asteptam si pe TeamSpeak ca sa vorbim.
  5. Ai luat ban pe TeamSpeak? ca nu te gasesc in lista.
  6. Se pare ca nu intelegi si nici nu stii sa faci o cerere unban la serverul pe care ai luat ban.
  7. Ai gresit sectiunea! Ai grija unde postezi data viitoare.
  8. Happy New Year 2021 (Survived the great toilet paper crisis of 2020) Code firework20
  9. Merry Christmas 2020. Code: SNOWFLAKES (Available until: 31.12.2020)

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