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  • Prenume:  Akash Thakur
  • Nick: Akash Thakur
  • Your age: 14  (on  August 7  do 15 )
  • What is your occupation?: Student
  • What are your pasions? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time ?: Games Playing CS 1.6
  • Since when do you activate in gaming? What do you like most about him: from 2014
  • Are you looking at the streams? What streams do you find the most interesting ?: 
  • Which game captivated you the most? Make a top of the most beautiful games in your opinion: CS 1.6 MOD FURIEN
  • Since when do you work on forums? What do you like, what you do not like about them: I work since 2016 on forums
  • What do you think about today's gaming and communities ?: I thought that they will not help the new server expect some communities.
  • What do you think of our community? What do you change to it ?: I think that is the best community.
  • How did you find out about us ?: When i m searching for a community for server then i have see the name of furien.pubzone.ro then i come here and talked with glitch
  • Other specifications: No have just ❤️ this community

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