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[Tutorial] Cum putem scapa partial de lag in CS pe steam

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  • Salut.

    In acest tutorial va voi spune ce am facut eu ca sa nu mai am lag in CS pe steam.

    Pentru mine a mers, am ping intre 8-12 si fps 101 constant.

    In primul rand, mi-am dat un reinstall la steam si odata cu reinstalarea steam-ului am reinstalat si cs-ul.

    In al doilea rand, in Counter Strike 1.6 la Options -> Video am bifat:

    Wait for vertical sync

    Enable HD models if available

    Low video quality. Helps with slower video cards

    In al treilea rand, in Steam -> Library -> Games -> click dreapta pe iconita de la CS si apoi Properties -> Set Launch Options am bagat:

    +fps_override 1 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -nojoy +ex_interp 0.01 -noaafonts  -freq 100 -refresh 100 -nofbo -nomsaaaafonts  -freq 100 -refresh 100 -nofbo -nomsaa -stretchaspect

    In al patrulea rand, mi-am facut un config in care am bagat urmatoarele setari:

    cl_cmdrate          "101"
    cl_updaterate       "100"
    cl_showfps          "1"
    cl_crosshair_size   "small"
    cl_dynamiccrosshair "0"
    cl_cmdbackup        "2"
    cl_rate             "9999"
    cl_resend           "6"             
    cl_dlmax            "128"
    cl_nosmooth         "1"
    cl_timeout          "60"
    cl_weather          "0"
    cl_righthand        "1"
    ex_interp           "0.01"
    fps_override        "1"
    fps_max             "101"
    hud_draw            "1"
    hud_fastswitch      "1"
    m_rawinput          "1"
    rate                "25000"
    sensitivity         "5.5"
    sv_maxrate          "25000" 
    sv_maxupdaterate    "101"
    sys_ticrate         "150.0"

    In al cincilea rand, m-am jucat si la setarile placii nvidia, care merg facute si pentru un cs pe non-steam.

    Click dreapta pe desktop -> NVIDIA Control Panel -> Adjust image settings with preview -> bifam Use the advanced 3D image settings si dam pe Take me there unde punem urmatoarele setari in felul urmator:

    Anisotropic filterning Off

    Maximum pre-rendered frames 3

    Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration Compatibility performance mode

    Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias Clamp

    Texture filtering - Quality High performance

    Texture filtering - Tilinear optimization Off

    Vertical sync Off/Force off

    Si cam atat a fost, sper sa va ajute.

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